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Splitting Skulls

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Chris MoffettSplitting Skulls is my space for making forays into the ways Education shows up in our lives. Encountering it everywhere, we often have difficulty seeing what it is, what it might be.  From what vantage would we be able to gain an education regarding Education? I can only imagine that one would have to feel one’s way, venturing forth, speculating, engaging…

And not without risk.

At least of headaches and blows to the head!

Indeed, “Splitting Skulls” is a reference to what I take to be a prototypical myth of Education: the birth of Athena. Born of Zeus’ head, as it is cleft by the surgical strike of an ax, Athena steps forth fully grown and wise.

But perhaps above all the risk is of recuperation. Athena’s birth is not so much told as retold, the blow of the ax echos and repeats. And despite its violence, in the hands of the vase painters this will become a serene domestic scene.

This is education.

Let us see what we can make of it…

Chris Moffett

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