Courses I Could Teach

| September 12, 2011

Perhaps I’m in a Borges kind of mood. Of course, I think of courses all the time that would be interesting to teach. But recently I thought, why not just write the syllabus? That long dead form. What if we revived it as an art: syllabi of courses that will never be taught. Not content with that, it occurred to me that savvy students hardly need a syllabus, fake or otherwise, to glean a course whole. A title will suffice, or a fleeting look on the face of a previous student. So perhaps a list of titles of imagined courses might be more than sufficient. Here we have it then: titles for imagined courses.

Just to clarify, this is very different from “imagined titles for courses.” These are actual titles. It is the course that is imagined. (Since the mere mention of these courses should form a lasting image in your mind of what the whole course would entail, please send me a check to cover three credits for each title that you read.)

I will expand the curriculum as fit.

Current Offerings:

Education in the End Times (still)


The Classroom Chair: History and Praxis

Shoes as Interface

The Aesthetics of Education

Imagining Imagination

The Student Body