Dear Pearson,

| March 2, 2016

I just received your letter asking for feedback about my introductory level course. I’m so glad you found out about that, and are curious to know more. I, too, wonder what introductory course it is, and how many classes I have missed. Do you think they will notice?

But you asked about learning outcomes. I sure hope so. They sound very important, and I’m sure I am behind them. We do use them, all the time, yes, or we expect to within the next two years. We like to build forts with them. Sometimes we also use them to barricade the door, and then drink them out of small plastic cups. It passes the time. Once, we wrote them on the board and recited them together. It was amazing. I wish you had been there.

I realize you asked me to fill out a survey taking 5-7 minutes to complete. But I felt like an email was more personal and helpful. I’m sure you’ll be able to glean much more from this, and it won’t be much trouble to collate it with all the other kind emails I’m sure you are getting. It must be a glorious day.

Best regards,