What do Evil Geniuses Dream Of?

| September 14, 2010

Ah, the beginnings of the school year… When one begins to suspect that one is merely an epiphenomenon of bureaucracy.

I suppose that would give new meaning to “the American dream.”

(Anywho, speaking of paperwork, what I love about this clip from Brazil, is how astutely it shows the official workers themselves to be most traumatized by the paperwork. And it is not being a stickler for details that works, but pretending to be, keeping the paperwork tied up with itself, that frees things up for the actual functions to be accomplished. What is needed is a good man in a tight corner. These are the one’s that make the system dance. Funny too, how Brazil cuts to a series of dreams.)

And speaking of dreams, Descartes’ project of hyper-rational auto-didacticism, it is occasionally observed with a wink and a nudge, emerged from a series of dreams he had. If everything rests on the most rational of sure foundations, the quest for these foundations, it turns out, emerges from something of a dreamy epiphany. No wonder he was troubled by the notion that it could all be the work of a mysterious evil genius, weaving an illusion of rationality. Some dreams those must have been…

I, on the other hand, woke up this morning in the midst of dreaming I was writing down some amazing insight into Ferris Bueller’s Day Off of all things. What that epiphany might actually be seems to elude my waking self. What strange philosophical system will emerge of this?!

And what if this movie is just the bureaucracy dreaming up trouble makers? Catharsis for a day.

What do Evil Geniuses dream of?