Heaven help us…

| June 12, 2010

The HeavensDuring my talk, a few weeks ago, on virtual technology and its relationship to education, I argued that technology, applied to education, tends to be imagined as a kind of savior, rescuing education from it’s banal reality. But it’s not so simple: in fact, educational space has, from its beginnings, imagined itself as a virtual space.

So far so good. I agree with myself.

But I must admit, that I worried that maybe the techno-utopia angle is a bit over-stated. After all, just because we take advantage of the Wow factor, and talk of a laptop for every student, doesn’t mean technology is really so otherworldly. Haven’t we integrated it into our lives in relatively pragmatic, low key ways? When I perform a Google search, it is great, perhaps even still a bit amazing, but do I really imagine it as the gateway to a heavenly virtual domain?

Then, I read this…

In the Singularity Movement, Humans Are So Yesterday – NYTimes.com.

You could hardly make this up.