KNOTS: the architecture of problems « LEBBEUS WOODS

| October 13, 2010

Here’s an interesting lecture, using knots as a way of understanding architectural problems. Of course, the connection between knots/labyrinths and slums goes back to architectural beginnings. But I think we should be careful about how we take this up, in particular being critical of the notion that the critical solution to knots is untying them.

KNOTS: the architecture of problems

The following is a summary of a lecture given by Lebbeus Woods in the KNOTS Advanced Concepts seninar at The Cooper Union School of Architecture; Anthony Vidler, Dean; LW, seminar leader; and students: ARCH 205 undergraduate: Pamela Cabrera, Ezegbebe Eribo, Andres Larrauri, Standish Lee, Louis Lipson, Emily Martinez, Harry Marzyn, Natalie Savva, David Varon, Galen Wolfe-Pauly; ARCH 485 graduate: Melanie Fessel, Jonathan Heckert, Aikaterini Kefalogianni, Katerina Kourkoula, David Ross.

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