“leavings” – some musings by Etwas

| March 13, 2011

I recently met with Will Lisak from Etwas Bags, and liked what he had to say a lot.

This from the blog:

…we see the same in the leavings of our skivers and edgers. What is left behind should be beautiful and graceful, the sign of a confident and competent hand.

I think this kind of language in the leavings it an important thing to consider in broader life as well, you can tell a great deal about people and organizations from the forms of their excess, what is left as a result of their functioning.

It seems worth reflecting, as well, on what the leavings of education might look like. Not to mention what an education would look like that engaged in these deeper understandings of work and craft.

Read more from Etwas, and see their gorgeous work here:

leavings – Etwas.