The Shoe as Interface

| December 5, 2014


If you are looking for a Breadth/Elective course for the Spring, “Aesthetics of Technology” will be looking at “the Shoe as Interface” as a focus this time around.

Performing an interdisciplinary examination of the fundamental role of shoes in our world, we will engage in Material Cultural Studies. Drawing on Philosophy, Aesthetics, History, Movement Education, Functional Anatomy, and case studies (amongst other approaches) we will see if we can bring to our attention to an object that on the one hand we rarely think seriously about, but of which, on the other hand, we all have a long and close knowledge.

We will explore pedagogic questions relevant to anyone who wants to understand how objects in the classroom form our learning. All those interested in shoes, material culture and learning processes are welcome.

A&H 4089 Aesthetics of Technology
Spring 2015

Chris Moffett, PhD, is a Philosopher of Education, Artist, Shoe Prototyper, and Barefoot Runner. He has a private practice in the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education. He has taught experiential drawing and walking as an aesthetic practice at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, as well as schools and museums in the New York Area.