Thinking Through the Interface

| April 25, 2014

Fall 2014, Mon 7:20-9pm
Aesthetics of Technology

In this course we will be looking at the aesthetic effects of interfaces—not just how they appear, but how appearance itself is mediated by the deeper influence of interfaces, often to create the very sense of aesthetics as a “surface effect.” But what is an interface? How do they work; what are they doing; what do we do with them? We will examine an expanded range of possible interfaces: shoes, chairs, schools, air-conditioners (without which we might not have modern schooling), books/text, ecosystems, cities, phones, apps, screens, gestural environments, and so on… Through this course as an interface on interfaces we will attempt to work with the ways in which they mediate our thinking and learning.

This course is intended for a wide audience, including those who want to understand the practical effects of the interfaces that pervade education, to philosophers of ed, artists, those interested in media and computing, etc.