Unsold Supper: or I’ll eat my sandal…

| September 1, 2011

If you are in the hood this Saturday, Our Goods—the fine folk who brought you Trade School—is hosting a supper for barter in Union Square. I’ll let them explain:


1) Farmers contribute good produce that didn’t sell.

2) We cook a meal using human-powered, community-scale equipment.

3) Everyone maps their HAVES and NEEDS to share resources.

4) We sew a tent with a bike-powered sewing machine.

5) You connect to farmers, members of OurGoods, and a “Possibility Posse.”

Should prove to be a good time. And I’ll be demonstrating how to make a huarache sandal or two in exchange for my sup’. They are one of those super simple things to make that are hard to improve upon. And when people ask, you can be all “thanks, yeah, I made them…”

huarache tying

"The rabbit goes around the tree, and back down the hole..."

Need more reason than that? I can get all deep if you want.

Want the short version? How we make contact with the ground matters more than we imagine. It’s literally foundational. You improve that, and everything improves.

We explored this contact recently for the Festival of Ideas for the New City. And I’m planning to do a longer workshop for those who want to understand feet, walking, and shoe-making better. Get on the mailing list, if you’d like to know more.

And one way or another, do come on by this Saturday and barter for some dinner.

Union Square, 6-8pm…