Virtual Velocities

| August 29, 2011

Turban Waves Screening

So much of education comes down to speed.


How do I get ahead? How do find time to teach while I teach to the test? How can I find time to slow down? To go faster? We might even imagine schools as elaborate mechanisms for regulating speed. The classroom chair is a time machine.

The short film Turban Waves allows us to think through the effects of speed and learning, and might slow us down or speed us up a bit during its screening and discussion next Tuesday. If you are around Teachers College, I highly recommend that you make some time for it…

Virtual Velocities: Navigating Educational Complexity
A Screening and Discussion of the Short Film Turban Waves, by Daniel Cowen
Hosted by: Film & Education Research Academy, Ecogradients
Introductions: Blake Seidenshaw
Respondent: Chris Moffett
Teachers College Library, Russell Hall 306
Tuesday, September 6th, 4:30-6:30