You got your robot in our robot!

| November 23, 2012

Exam body sorry over BattleTech robot blunder – The Age

You can’t make this stuff up. Or you all too easily could.

Here’s an article on how a BattleTech Marauder inserts itself an exam question on Nikolai Kochergin’s Storming the Winter Palace on the Russian Revolution.

VCE History: Revolutions exam apology BattleTech Marauder, Russia.

I think, however, reading this as a failure is too easy. Moral or educational outrage misses the point just as much. Which is that these opportunities are the true “teaching moment.” We might see, for example, the extent to which the surreal is only admissible within education as dead history, Surreal-ism.
Fortunately they swiftly closed the surreal rupture with ruthless good will: ”Students will not be penalised for discussing this.” Wow.
But doesn’t this just prove that there has always been a battle robot in the exam? A restorer just brought it to the surface…

(No student’s were harmed in writing this article.)