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col·o·phon: noun \ˈkä-lə-fən, -ˌfän\ from Ancient Greek κολοφών (kolophon, “peak or finishing touch”) 1. In manuscripts, the note, usually at the end, left by the scribe who copied it, giving information on his exemplar, where and when the copy was made, and sometimes, his own name. 2. A printer’s or publisher’s identifying inscription or logo appearing at the end of a book. 3. A page on a website identifying the details of its creation, such as the author’s name and the technologies used. 4. Final notice about printer, editor, paper, font, etc., with bibliophilic information.

This is a constantly changing list, and I’ll try to keep it updated, but aside from an array of specialty software, here are the core resources that I currently find indispensable as a nomad scholar…

Blog Platform & Design:

Pressible, “a network of sites that are optimized to display and share educational content,” from the fine folks at EdLab.


(Free, Cross-platform mobile syncing)

Evernote (Note taking)

Dropbox (File storage)

Mendeley (Reference Manager)

Lastpass (Passwords)

Mailchimp (Mailing List)

Social Media:

Networked Blogs (Blog Feed to Facebook and Twitter)

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Tablet Notebook + Powerpoint (Far from perfect, but still the easiest way to sketch presentations)

Ironkey (Secure files, and more importantly a secure web connection from any PC.)