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Splitting Skulls

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Stripped Down Cosmology 

I can't help but be drawn to illustrations of cosmology. They are frequently telling, and often like watching a train wreck. If, that is, a train wreck were to be suspended and labeled in a timeless clockwork quiet, evoking a fearful symmetry, closure and smugness. Which is why this illustration by Orance Finé, in his …

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Education & the Dance of Death 

Dance, of course, is squeezed out of schools. Squeezed out and then reinserted. This is not paradoxical but strictly necessary. Within the already marginalized arts, dance itself tends often to represent the very margins within the margins. School is the place where dance is the dangerous other. So what are we to make of any …

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Apocalypse Illustrated: an Educational Primer 

The blog BibliOdyssey, if you don't know it already, is a sort of book-porn for scholars. Or perhaps you are just pretending not to have heard of it... I bring your prurient attention to the Beatus Apocalypse spread: The term "Beatus" identifies a particular medieval manuscript, generally of Spanish origin, that contains a collection of …

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