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Splitting Skulls

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Playing with Fire 

Some kids playing with fire... Here in Anji, China, one of the latest additions to the playground is a working oven. The kids cook potatoes. If they want. The play is self-determined. This isn't the only place where the capacity of children to generate their own play, and assess their own risks is taken seriously. …

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Tech Support Notes from the Underground 

I'm deep in the bowels of AT&T and Apple. I've actually got them talking to each other. I feel like an extreme match maker. Increasingly senior tech people, roused from their slumbers... Cheerful persistence in the face of polite deferral... All I want for Christmas is for this SIM card to Validate... After endless hours …

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The Art of Play in China 

This is one of those things you need to see. Over the last several decades a pedagogy of play has been working itself out in rural China. The resonances with Western early childhood practices of learning and play are all the more striking, given that there is no direct connection. Even more interesting are the …

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