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Splitting Skulls

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The Shoe as Interface 

If you are looking for a Breadth/Elective course for the Spring, “Aesthetics of Technology” will be looking at “the Shoe as Interface” as a focus this time around. Performing an interdisciplinary examination of the fundamental role of shoes in our world, we will engage in Material Cultural Studies. Drawing on Philosophy, Aesthetics, History, Movement Education, …

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The Hand 

THE HAND I would like to formally propose The Hand as a course that I can teach, and which, more importantly, should be taught. It'll no doubt take many hands pushing leavers and pulling buttons to make it happen. All the more reason. Hyperallergic has a brief entry on the matter that of course, barely …

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A&H4089 Aesthetics of Technology 

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Courses I Could Teach 

Perhaps I'm in a Borges kind of mood. Of course, I think of courses all the time that would be interesting to teach. But recently I thought, why not just write the syllabus? That long dead form. What if we revived it as an art: syllabi of courses that will never be taught. Not content …

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