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Splitting Skulls

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Education & the Dance of Death 

Dance, of course, is squeezed out of schools. Squeezed out and then reinserted. This is not paradoxical but strictly necessary. Within the already marginalized arts, dance itself tends often to represent the very margins within the margins. School is the place where dance is the dangerous other. So what are we to make of any …

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The Death of Education 

The logical extension of my recent strategy of reviewing books I am still reading is to do so before I have even left the bookstore. In a way, then, it is only fitting that I am holding two books on death and burial. What could have more to do with beginnings and archives? And with …

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Dramatic Crutches 

Bill Shannon can move. Wish I had this back when I was teaching Inclusion. Projected narrative: "when other people's projected stories about your own mundane, utilitarian task are so dramatic and incredible that it actually changes their day more than your actual act." I don't think it even takes "disability" for us teachers to be …

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