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Splitting Skulls

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What do Evil Geniuses Dream Of? 

Ah, the beginnings of the school year... When one begins to suspect that one is merely an epiphenomenon of bureaucracy. I suppose that would give new meaning to "the American dream." (Anywho, speaking of paperwork, what I love about this clip from Brazil, is how astutely it shows the official workers themselves to be most …

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Descartes’ (tiny) Skull 

This is Descartes' skull. Or rather, one of them. There are other contenders. This one is covered in writing—an encomium, in Latin, to his genius—written, we can safely assume, after his death. Some would find the story of this skull's travels ironic, the religio-fetishistic uses of it clearly at odds with Descartes' radical dualism. The …

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Inheriting the Rubble – Eugenics and Behavior 

As a radical agnostic (sorry, can you repeat the question?) named "Christopher" (φέρω, pherō: to carry. You work it out....) I only have sympathy for those named "Eugene". Lord help them if it's meant specifically, these are our "good genes", or wishfully, here's to the utopian promise of good genes, or somehow both. Carriers and …

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Zeno and the Art of Archery  ☆

Following up on the one about the bear, here's another joke having to do with education: A duke was hunting in the forest with his coterie of men-at-arms and servants, when he came across a tree with an arrow protruding, dead center, from a target painted on it. Marveling at the nice shot, they ride …

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