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A&H4089 Aesthetics of Technology 

Posted 71 months ago by

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Learning From Footwear 

Recently brought to my attention, this preview of the feature, The Shoe, by Saraiva's Cheeky, goes right to the heart of the matter. Long Weekend With AndrĂ© on On the one hand, shoes seem to slip by our attention, too close to the ground, beneath our consideration. On the other hand, we would be …

Posted 94 months ago by

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The Aesthetics of Education 

I've been working a lot lately on the imagery of educational philosophy. Which is to say: what if we took the aesthetics of education not to be a particular sub-discipline, but instead thought of educational thought as essentially an aesthetic problem? What is the "art," in its expansive sense, of education? Having taught a few …

Posted 102 months ago by

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Le Corbusier on Education 

Following up on the Surrealist's concise definition of school, I bring you the architect Le Corbusier, from his book Aircraft: The schools are run by 'professors' (the very definition of a school).

Posted 104 months ago by

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Information as Design 

I woke up this morning thinking of the cafĂ© in Gottesman Library at Teachers College. Don't ask me, I can't control these things. It struck me that its use is despite itself. Never mind that the most obvious door, flowing into the life of the college is locked, no doubt because the cafe bridges the …

Posted 106 months ago by

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The Multicultural School (2 of 3) 

Here's the follow up to the previous post. No sign of (3 of 3) yet...

Reposted from After Ed TV. Written by After Ed Team.

Architect Laura Cavaliere and designer Megan Bove work with art teacher Lyn Freeman and her students at the Multicultural School to redesign their classroom.

Posted 110 months ago by

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The Open Architecture Challenge (1 of 3) 

Here's an interesting video by the After Ed TV team. It's interesting to listen to the language being used. I wonder, also about the overall strategy of insertion. That is, the idea of a competition as being the wedge that allows this work and exploration to happen both within architecture firms and schools. Is there …

Reposted from After Ed TV. Written by After Ed Team.

Designers start the competition with a visit to their classrooms and consider better classroom design.

Posted 110 months ago by

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Dome Schools 

Aside from the architectural reasons, it would be interesting to see how this plays out pedagogically...

Reposted from why.not. Written by jmezei.

The first monolithic dome built as a school was based in Emmett, Idaho in 1987. When I was recently at home in Toronto, I picked up a metro paper and foundthis article that featured domes as efficient models for schools. The dome is such an efficient shape having lower surface area, and less building …

Posted 111 months ago by

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