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Splitting Skulls

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Banning the D 

The New York Times is going to have to start a whole new section just for coverage of stories on all things Grade related. Perhaps if we consolidated them we could reach a critical mass of absurdity. Previously, you will recall, we had the Law School Shuffle. Now it's the High School Two Step:

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In Law Schools, Grades Go Up, Just Like That – 

"Law schools solve unemployment by raising grades. Human resources departments declare it sheer genius, wondering why nobody thought to give them better applicants to work with from the beginning..." OK, I made that last bit up, but I tell you, it's a great day when you can't tell the difference between the New York Times

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Zeno and the Art of Archery  ☆

Following up on the one about the bear, here's another joke having to do with education: A duke was hunting in the forest with his coterie of men-at-arms and servants, when he came across a tree with an arrow protruding, dead center, from a target painted on it. Marveling at the nice shot, they ride …

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