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Splitting Skulls

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Giant Box of Strangers 

“It’s not adolescence that’s the problem,” insists Faris. “It’s the giant box of strangers.” From Why You Truly Never Leave High School

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In Depth: Swimming to Learn 

A sixteen-year-old-boy, for example, tells me in a session about the moment, at age ten, when he eventually learned to swim after having been terrified of water: "I knew I was safer out of my depth because even though I couldn't stand, there was more water to hold me up." —Adam Phillips in "On Risk …

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The Multicultural School (2 of 3) 

Here's the follow up to the previous post. No sign of (3 of 3) yet...

Reposted from After Ed TV. Written by After Ed Team.

Architect Laura Cavaliere and designer Megan Bove work with art teacher Lyn Freeman and her students at the Multicultural School to redesign their classroom.

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