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Splitting Skulls

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“There is no book…”  ☆

Reading Sacrifice: It's Nature and Function, leaves me wondering about all of our daily investitures. It concludes by pointing to the complex ways in which sacrificial rituals function within our personal and social spheres, even, and especially when they are abstracted. But why? Why sacrifice? Their answer is that the mediation of the sacrificial object …

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Sacrifice and Education – Part II 

Yesterday's post on dangerous T-shirts, academic bloodletting, and sacrifice continues... I've jumped ahead in Sacrifice: Its Nature and Function, to the "function" part, which seems to me particularly provocative for thinking about education. Hubert and Mauss, after sketching out the general schema of sacrifice, point out that this can be combined in any number of …

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Sacrifice and Education  ☆

I'm sitting in a coffee shop, across from a guy wearing a shirt that reads, "It's only funny til' someone gets hurt. Then it's freakin' hilarious!" The shirt itself is not, of course, particularly funny. (I gather this is because the shirt seems to fit fine and is not inadvertently choking him to death, which …

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