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Splitting Skulls

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Hyperbolic Drawing 

I was just talking about line quality with a colleague, in preparation for an upcoming workshop. And I was reminded for a second time recently of a project that has literally been sitting on the shelf. Crochet is an interesting way of working with line, as well as being an elegant way of expressing hyperbolic …

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Variations on Euclid 

The roof is the shortest distance between two walls. —le Parkour maxim Education is unthinkable without it's geometry. The very gates to Plato's Academy make the prohibition clear, "Let none ignorant of geometry enter here." We could take it not merely as a shibboleth, the secret pronunciation that allows or disallows entrance to the clubhouse, …

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What do sea slugs and crochet have to do with anything? 

Gridded three dimensional space, it turns out, is a less than direct and efficient way of accounting for the shifting relationships of complex, dynamic movement.

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