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Splitting Skulls

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Education & the Dance of Death 

Dance, of course, is squeezed out of schools. Squeezed out and then reinserted. This is not paradoxical but strictly necessary. Within the already marginalized arts, dance itself tends often to represent the very margins within the margins. School is the place where dance is the dangerous other. So what are we to make of any …

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KNOTS: the architecture of problems « LEBBEUS WOODS 

Here's an interesting lecture, using knots as a way of understanding architectural problems. Of course, the connection between knots/labyrinths and slums goes back to architectural beginnings. But I think we should be careful about how we take this up, in particular being critical of the notion that the critical solution to knots is untying them. …

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The Grid: A Brief History 

Here's a short essay I wrote a while back, for a workshop I did for movement educators, on how grids shape our experience, and why that might not be the only alternative. The idea was to show the grid as emergent within a cultural context, rather than being a pre-given frame for understanding movement. So …

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