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Splitting Skulls

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On Keystone Cops 

There is a fascinating article over at The New Inquiry, on the figure of the cop in comedy. Fascinating not the least because I feel compelled to start my own work on education with jokes. (The funny thing about education jokes is that they are not funny.) The potential irrelevance of this inquiry remains to …

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Academics in tight spaces 

That was refreshing! As you know, we academics are inordinately fond of wedging ourselves into confined spaces. At Yale, the students will see how many of their number they can enclose in a phone booth. At Harvard, a broom closet. I hope I did not spill my tea... —Professor G. H. Dorr, in The Ladykillers

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Education & the Dance of Death 

Dance, of course, is squeezed out of schools. Squeezed out and then reinserted. This is not paradoxical but strictly necessary. Within the already marginalized arts, dance itself tends often to represent the very margins within the margins. School is the place where dance is the dangerous other. So what are we to make of any …

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Vampires After School  ☆

Despite Vampire movies having a classic connection to high school, the proper genre for school is no doubt the zombie movie. The great fear is of the great unwashed, not the stylized identity politics of adolescent lust. That excess we can work with. It is the unturnable relentlessness of nobody being home that is the …

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