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The lads is attending school nessans regular, sir, spelling beesknees with hathatansy and turning out tables by mudapplication. Allfor the books and never pegging smashers after Tom Bowe Glassarse or Timmy the Tosser. 'Tisraely the truth! —Joyce, Finnegan's Wake Tisreally the truth Tisrarely the truth... Turning out tables...

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Giant Box of Strangers 

“It’s not adolescence that’s the problem,” insists Faris. “It’s the giant box of strangers.” From Why You Truly Never Leave High School

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The Self Winding Boredom Machine 

Since I am busy reviewing a book-I-have-actually-read, I have been negligent of my series of reviews of books-I-haven't-read-yet. Much more time consuming... There is only one thing to do, and that is start another half-baked tradition. Call it, "Quotes Out of Context." All too often, in the act of sharing a striking quote, we find—masked …

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Academics in tight spaces 

That was refreshing! As you know, we academics are inordinately fond of wedging ourselves into confined spaces. At Yale, the students will see how many of their number they can enclose in a phone booth. At Harvard, a broom closet. I hope I did not spill my tea... —Professor G. H. Dorr, in The Ladykillers

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Le Corbusier on Education 

Following up on the Surrealist's concise definition of school, I bring you the architect Le Corbusier, from his book Aircraft: The schools are run by 'professors' (the very definition of a school).

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Defining Education 

Education— To applaud, to exalt revolt in all its forms, and more particularly that of child against its own family; pride oneself on having personally broken some shackles.... Enough of this complicity in degradation which welds the generations, one with another; enough of tacit understandings, of shameful solutions, of a rendezvous fixed for ultimate ruination. …

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The Multicultural School (2 of 3) 

Here's the follow up to the previous post. No sign of (3 of 3) yet...

Reposted from After Ed TV. Written by After Ed Team.

Architect Laura Cavaliere and designer Megan Bove work with art teacher Lyn Freeman and her students at the Multicultural School to redesign their classroom.

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The Open Architecture Challenge (1 of 3) 

Here's an interesting video by the After Ed TV team. It's interesting to listen to the language being used. I wonder, also about the overall strategy of insertion. That is, the idea of a competition as being the wedge that allows this work and exploration to happen both within architecture firms and schools. Is there …

Reposted from After Ed TV. Written by After Ed Team.

Designers start the competition with a visit to their classrooms and consider better classroom design.

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Home Schooling – From Fringe to Inevitable? 

The supreme irony would be if the real shift in education is not from public to charter schools, but that both could be eclipsed by what appears to be a drop in the bucket, the smallest possible unit of education: home-schooling. Representing, by its nature a fringe move in education, its marginal status hinges less …

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