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Splitting Skulls

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Architecture’s Excess Possibilities 

Here's a nice article on Architectural deterrents to its own use. We should perhaps dig past the obvious and proper outrage around these practices to note how architecture generates its own crevices, the attempt to modulate them a sign both of our capacity to exceed plans and the excess that every plan is to itself. …

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Navigating the Theater of the Urban 

You are standing awkwardly with a group of sixty people or so, at 9pm on a deserted street somewhere in São Paulo, when the play begins by cutting through the mass, cleaving the tenuous bonds that hold you together, bonds which also become all the more essential. This is just the beginning. Soon the group …

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On Being Busted… 

Wherin I recount my run in with "the Man" in Paris... Minding the Gap: through a hole in the Parisian Sidewalk

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Henri & Henri on Movement 

People make gestures: they gesticulate. —Henri Lefebvre, Rhythmanalysis & It follows that sight and touch could not have given us the idea of space without the help of the "muscular sense." Not only could this concept not be derived from a single sensation, or even from a series of sensations; but a motionless being could …

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Story Place 

"Story time," we call it, but it is just as much a place. We have places for our stories. Or is it stories for our places? But isn't this just another way of saying there is a time and a place for stories? And isn't this just another, polite, way of saying there are times …

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The University’s Desire and the Half-Bridge 

Deleuze & Guattari, in their extraordinary (and admirably concise) book on Kafka, suggest, amongst a series, the following rule of thumb: "a text that can be the seed of a novel will be abandoned if Kafka imagines an animal escape that allows him to finish with it." (38) In other words, if it can be …

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An Ape Dressed as a Woman, and other challenges to the Philosophers 

Finally getting around to unpacking my books—and having recently been asked what kind of space I am talking about when I elaborate on the spatial narrative of education—I find the Encyclopedia Acephalica, from the Surrealists, opened in front of me. I was trying to clarify that it was neither abstract nor "real" space that is …

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Progressive Architecture 

Last week I found myself trying to lay out for my colleagues—in preparation for an upcoming Colloquium by Kevin D. Murphy, on school architecture—the essential relationship between philosophies of education and architecture. Tricky, since this relationship tends to go deep underground. Into caves, for example. And the challenge is to realize that it is not …

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What do sea slugs and crochet have to do with anything? 

Gridded three dimensional space, it turns out, is a less than direct and efficient way of accounting for the shifting relationships of complex, dynamic movement.

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The Grid: A Brief History 

Here's a short essay I wrote a while back, for a workshop I did for movement educators, on how grids shape our experience, and why that might not be the only alternative. The idea was to show the grid as emergent within a cultural context, rather than being a pre-given frame for understanding movement. So …

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