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Splitting Skulls

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You got your robot in our robot! 

Exam body sorry over BattleTech robot blunder - The Age You can't make this stuff up. Or you all too easily could. Here's an article on how a BattleTech Marauder inserts itself an exam question on Nikolai Kochergin's Storming the Winter Palace on the Russian Revolution. VCE History: Revolutions exam apology BattleTech Marauder, Russia. I …

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An Ape Dressed as a Woman, and other challenges to the Philosophers 

Finally getting around to unpacking my books—and having recently been asked what kind of space I am talking about when I elaborate on the spatial narrative of education—I find the Encyclopedia Acephalica, from the Surrealists, opened in front of me. I was trying to clarify that it was neither abstract nor "real" space that is …

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Defining Education 

Education— To applaud, to exalt revolt in all its forms, and more particularly that of child against its own family; pride oneself on having personally broken some shackles.... Enough of this complicity in degradation which welds the generations, one with another; enough of tacit understandings, of shameful solutions, of a rendezvous fixed for ultimate ruination. …

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