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Splitting Skulls

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Thinking Through Drawing Symposium: Practice Into Knowledge 

Some reflections on coming together... "...the possibilities of what drawing is and the contexts in which it flourishes. Farthing engaged in something of a taxonomy of drawing, pushing the audience to consider the “outer extremities” of the practice, as Burton describes it. Showing an image of a plane taking off and casting a shadow, Farthing …

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by Amy Wolf.

In a weekend that brought together leaders in such diverse fields as medicine, architecture, textile design and cognitive science and gave them a commonality, the Art and Art Education Department’s recent Thinking Through Drawing Symposium was a ground-breaking event and the first of its kind in the nation.  “This has been a long time coming,” …

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Virtual Velocities 

So much of education comes down to speed. Timing. How do I get ahead? How do find time to teach while I teach to the test? How can I find time to slow down? To go faster? We might even imagine schools as elaborate mechanisms for regulating speed. The classroom chair is a time machine. …

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Progressive Architecture 

Last week I found myself trying to lay out for my colleagues—in preparation for an upcoming Colloquium by Kevin D. Murphy, on school architecture—the essential relationship between philosophies of education and architecture. Tricky, since this relationship tends to go deep underground. Into caves, for example. And the challenge is to realize that it is not …

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Archiving the Educated Body 

Over at Teacher's College Historical Photographs, the Gottesman Library is making available a number of archival images from Teachers College's past. 450 photographs, taken by A. Fowler and others, document the architectural growth of the College and the academic and social life of its members over a century. They date from the late 1890′s through …

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