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Notes on Camels & Automata 

Camel with remote control "jockey" It is this curious sense of fascination more than the wish to build something useful or the hope for material rewards that makes men devote their lives to machinery. Constructing, operating, even watching machines provides satisfactions and delights that can be intense enough to become ends in themselves. Such delights …

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Thinking Through the Interface 

Fall 2014, Mon 7:20-9pm Aesthetics of Technology A&H4089 In this course we will be looking at the aesthetic effects of interfaces—not just how they appear, but how appearance itself is mediated by the deeper influence of interfaces, often to create the very sense of aesthetics as a "surface effect." But what is an interface? How …

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Re: Sketches toward a Binary Aesthetic 

A little cross posting here. A post on the Aesthetics of Technology blog, Aestech, I sketched up recently has curiously been getting some social media attention. Odd, because I would have imagined it more obscure than most. But somehow what it's probing at seems to resonate. Either that or it's just the fancy blog design, …

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Sketches toward a Binary Aesthetic 

If one were to attempt to locate the fundamental elements of an Aesthetic of Technology, where would one start? What are the marks or gestures that might underpin any effort to render such a thing? What are the basic marks you can make? In geometry, we always forget--since the forms are supposed to be eternal, …

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A&H4089 Aesthetics of Technology 

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Learning from Skinner’s Teaching Machine 

This video is creepy largely because of its own obliviousness to its own creepiness—a disconcerting feedback loop. But isn't it also because we so well know this dream still today? It's not simply the dream of modern technology saving us from the backwardness of school. We should be equally careful not to wax nostalgic …

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Learning From Footwear 

Recently brought to my attention, this preview of the feature, The Shoe, by Saraiva's Cheeky, goes right to the heart of the matter. Long Weekend With André on On the one hand, shoes seem to slip by our attention, too close to the ground, beneath our consideration. On the other hand, we would be …

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Simulating Education 

Sitting in on a presentation of "simulation software" for education, I was bemused by the performativity of the whole event. This seems only appropriate since the software itself was less a form of simulation—and even barely a form of software, as someone who knows these things pointed out—and more a "simulation of software." I was …

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Who Owns Student Inventions – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education 

iPhone App Raises Questions About Who Owns Student Inventions - Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education. This is an important case, regardless of the whole iPhone app context. It really highlights the changing context of student roles in education (and the lag in recognizing and adjusting to it.) Here's a brief quote: Today’s …

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Like Netflix, New College Software Seeks to Personalize Recommendations – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education 

Quote of the day: It’s as if Blackboard is somebody with hippocampal damage, that has severe amnesia,” he said. “It’s never seen you before, other than knowing that you have an account in the system. The systems outside learn about you. But the systems typically in academia do not. Robert S. Bramucci via Like Netflix, …

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Heaven help us… 

During my talk, a few weeks ago, on virtual technology and its relationship to education, I argued that technology, applied to education, tends to be imagined as a kind of savior, rescuing education from it's banal reality. But it's not so simple: in fact, educational space has, from its beginnings, imagined itself as a virtual …

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Home Schooling – From Fringe to Inevitable? 

The supreme irony would be if the real shift in education is not from public to charter schools, but that both could be eclipsed by what appears to be a drop in the bucket, the smallest possible unit of education: home-schooling. Representing, by its nature a fringe move in education, its marginal status hinges less …

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Virtually Speaking… 

Just getting ready for my talk this weekend at the TCETC 2010: Technology, Media & Designs for Learning conference. Although who knows what I'll actual manage to say at 9:50am on a Sunday morning! These are not philosopher's hours. Anyway, stop on by. I'll be by the coffee pot. Here's the abstract. I promise I …

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