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Thought is for Moving 

If you think about this question for any length of time, it's blindingly obvious why we have a brain. We have a brain for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to produce adaptable and complex movements. —Daniel Wolpert I'll stop there before I transcribe the whole thing... Shortly after this, though, he …

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Education Illustrated 

I've commented on another talk by Sir Ken Robinson before... But now he's been given a makeover by RSA Animate. Very cool to see what they've done. But here's my question: does it strike you that it is much more difficult to follow his presentation when they lay it all out for us? Indeed, if …

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“Lost” and the Magic Mystery Box of Education  ☆

Now, I have to admit, I never actually watched the show Lost. I'd tune in for a few seconds now and then to confirm that I was in fact "lost." Relieved to find that I was easily keeping pace with regular viewers who were equally lost, I would move on. Likewise, I did tune in …

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Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! 

Just stumbled on a nice video by Sir Ken Robinson at the TED Talks. What I find interesting about this talk is how it runs so nicely through a recurring argument. One would think that the call for revolution is itself a revolutionary movement. But, aside from the amazing (and hilarious) presentation of it here, …

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