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Splitting Skulls

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Navigating the Theater of the Urban 

You are standing awkwardly with a group of sixty people or so, at 9pm on a deserted street somewhere in São Paulo, when the play begins by cutting through the mass, cleaving the tenuous bonds that hold you together, bonds which also become all the more essential. This is just the beginning. Soon the group …

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On Being Busted… 

Wherin I recount my run in with "the Man" in Paris... Minding the Gap: through a hole in the Parisian Sidewalk

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Minimal Action 

In the spirit of this blog—of attending to things in their birthing pains rather than as polished certainties—here's a video study, in preparation for a series of projects in the works on using minimalist performance as a way of researching our embodied engagements with the cities we inhabit. The working question was how we can …

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