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Simulating Education 

Sitting in on a presentation of "simulation software" for education, I was bemused by the performativity of the whole event. This seems only appropriate since the software itself was less a form of simulation—and even barely a form of software, as someone who knows these things pointed out—and more a "simulation of software." I was …

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The Reality of the Virtual – Job Interviews and Žižek’s Reversal 

Everyone knows. It's a bit like the story of the Emperor's new clothes. Except that, rather than reading the tale as being about the truthful innocence of a child uncovering the foolish pride and vanity of courtly society, we might imagine that the child is a spoilsport, naively ignorant of the game of make-believe. Just …

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Virtually Speaking… 

Just getting ready for my talk this weekend at the TCETC 2010: Technology, Media & Designs for Learning conference. Although who knows what I'll actual manage to say at 9:50am on a Sunday morning! These are not philosopher's hours. Anyway, stop on by. I'll be by the coffee pot. Here's the abstract. I promise I …

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