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In this Drawn out Space 

"In this Drawn Out Space" A durational drawing performance with Jaanika Peerna and David Rothenberg at the extraordinary FiveMyles performance space in Brooklyn. Come for all or part of it. Stay to chat afterward.   October 15th, from 4-6pm. 558 St John's Place, Brooklyn

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Summer ’16 Courses 

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Dear Pearson, 

I just received your letter asking for feedback about my introductory level course. I'm so glad you found out about that, and are curious to know more. I, too, wonder what introductory course it is, and how many classes I have missed. Do you think they will notice? But you asked about learning outcomes. I …

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Objects of Play, Summer Course ’15 

In his seminal 1939 book, Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play Element in Culture, Johan Huizinga places play as the central element in any flourishing society. In an increasingly gamified, but also risk adverse, educational environment and culture, how are we to think the role of play today? This course will take up both …

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Thinking Through the Interface 

Fall 2014, Mon 7:20-9pm Aesthetics of Technology A&H4089 In this course we will be looking at the aesthetic effects of interfaces—not just how they appear, but how appearance itself is mediated by the deeper influence of interfaces, often to create the very sense of aesthetics as a "surface effect." But what is an interface? How …

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Paranoia and School 

The comforting thing about school is that you won't be left out. Even in dropping out, you have a role to play. That is explicit enough. No, the secretive paranoia in school works the other way, ensuring that nobody leaves the building. If paranoia is always the lonely scene of isolation, we should not be …

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Letter to the Data Apparatus of my Alma Mater’s Autoresponder 

Dearest Apparatus, Just a quick follow up. I know you are busy. I can tell, if you don't mind me teasing you a bit, because you seem to have inadvertently sent out the same letter to me fifteen times. Clearly you are distracted. I recommend breathing exercises. Do you breath? These things can spiral out …

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An Open Letter to, err, the Data Apparatus of my Alma Mater 

Dear Apparatus, Thank you, I received your email, "Data Verification for Alumni." So good to hear from you. I have missed hearing about you as well. Oh, sorry, this is 73454-M903. I understand that my Important Alumni Verification is now due...sorry, what's that you say?...oh, the Deadline is Approaching. I hope this letter reaches you …

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Saw this in the subway today, and was shocked. First at the banality of it, the stupidest of reasons, but then at the brazen honesty. It always amazes me when the starkest of truths not only leak out but are proudly displayed. The glare in the car was atrocious so let me just run through …

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Navigating the Theater of the Urban 

You are standing awkwardly with a group of sixty people or so, at 9pm on a deserted street somewhere in São Paulo, when the play begins by cutting through the mass, cleaving the tenuous bonds that hold you together, bonds which also become all the more essential. This is just the beginning. Soon the group …

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The Golden Insult 

Fortunately we have the web, and thus, now, the Lutheran Insulter. (To be clear, it entails insults by Luther, not insult to Lutherans.) If only so we can be reminded what an ass he could be. (Oh, sorry, that wasn't very creative. I'll try harder next time...) But every now and then he manages to …

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On Keystone Cops 

There is a fascinating article over at The New Inquiry, on the figure of the cop in comedy. Fascinating not the least because I feel compelled to start my own work on education with jokes. (The funny thing about education jokes is that they are not funny.) The potential irrelevance of this inquiry remains to …

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When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids – The Washington Post 

Here's an interesting article, in the Washington Post, about an adminstrator who took his school system's own test: When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids - The Answer Sheet - The Washington Post. First, I'm way ahead of this, having written a while ago on that peculiar game show, Who's Smarter than a …

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Occupy the Classroom? 

This in the New York Times. Occupy the Classroom - “This is where inequality starts,” said Kathleen McCartney, the dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as she showed me a chart demonstrating that even before kindergarten there are significant performance gaps between rich and poor students. Those gaps then widen further in …

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Unsold Supper: or I’ll eat my sandal… 

If you are in the hood this Saturday, Our Goods—the fine folk who brought you Trade School—is hosting a supper for barter in Union Square. I'll let them explain: HOW IT WORKS 1) Farmers contribute good produce that didn’t sell. 2) We cook a meal using human-powered, community-scale equipment. 3) Everyone maps their HAVES and …

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Virtual Velocities 

So much of education comes down to speed. Timing. How do I get ahead? How do find time to teach while I teach to the test? How can I find time to slow down? To go faster? We might even imagine schools as elaborate mechanisms for regulating speed. The classroom chair is a time machine. …

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Mediated Earth: Footprints & Shoemaking 

You are as quick as a spartan hound to pick up the tracks of the argument... —Plato, Parmenides 128b-c The question of footprints, of the traces we leave in our contact with the world, is one that runs through the history of philosophy of education. How do we know where we have been? And what …

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“leavings” – some musings by Etwas 

I recently met with Will Lisak from Etwas Bags, and liked what he had to say a lot. This from the blog: ...we see the same in the leavings of our skivers and edgers. What is left behind should be beautiful and graceful, the sign of a confident and competent hand. I think this kind …

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ALL POINTS BULLETIN (Please Forward, Share, Repost, Dead Drop, slip to that person you know...) Wanted: Photographer to barter for shooting a gig at the Whitney Museum (wherein we in turn barter with patrons for learnin'.) March 25th. And by "barter" I mean you can expect more than you usually dream is possible. Qualifications: Expertise …

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Relational Drawing Laboratory 

I was just going to let everyone know about the Relational Drawing Laboratory that I have the pleasure of co-teaching this coming Saturday at the awesome Trade School. Except I just looked, and its full... The good news is that we have been asked to do a reprieve at the Whitney Museum in March. So …

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