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The Politics of True Play 

Reposted from Learning at the Library. Written by Anastasia Chiu.

On Wednesday March 11, the library hosted a guest lecture by Cheng Xueqin, regional director of early childhood education in Anji, a county in China’s Zhejiang province. Ms. Cheng presented on her work and experience in developing Anji Play, a play-driven curriculum for preschool- and kindergarten-aged children that she and a group of Anji school …

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Thinking Through Drawing Symposium: Practice Into Knowledge 

Some reflections on coming together... "...the possibilities of what drawing is and the contexts in which it flourishes. Farthing engaged in something of a taxonomy of drawing, pushing the audience to consider the “outer extremities” of the practice, as Burton describes it. Showing an image of a plane taking off and casting a shadow, Farthing …

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by Amy Wolf.

In a weekend that brought together leaders in such diverse fields as medicine, architecture, textile design and cognitive science and gave them a commonality, the Art and Art Education Department’s recent Thinking Through Drawing Symposium was a ground-breaking event and the first of its kind in the nation.  “This has been a long time coming,” …

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The Latest Issue of Ecogradients, “Territorialities,” is live (and throwing a party) 

Reposted from Arts & Humanities. Written by Chris Moffett.

Just a quick announcement: the Territorealities issue is now up on the Ecogradients website. It's looking like our deepest issue to date, and we're having a get-together to celebrate: THIS FRIDAY (March 4th), from 3-5pm @ Teachers College, in Horace Mann 152. We'll be very excited to host a special presentation from renegade philosopher Chris …

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Good Advice from the Howland family 

Early childhood education in America: “It is very foolish to tell lies; for, soon or late they are found out; and it is very mean and wicked. God himself has said, that we must not lie; that he abhors liars, and that he will punish them. Ananias and Sapphira were struck dead for telling lies.” …

Reposted from Learning at the Library. Written by melissa cardinali.

My most recent journey through TC’s collection of historic children's  literature has led me to the early 1850’s, Worcester, Massachusetts. Good Advice for Boys and Girls was published by Southworth Allen (S.A.) Howland, a printer and direct descendant of John Allen, one of the original passengers aboard the Mayflower.  The image on the book cover …

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Music Embodied: Effortless Learning and Performing 

Heads up! I'll be doing a workshop on embodied learning for the Music Education Program, here at Teachers College. All are welcome to attend. The evening of Wednesday the 27th. Mark your calendars.

Reposted from Music & Music Education. Written by Justine Dolorfino.

Come experience the fundamentals of effortless musicality, using your whole self, with Chris Moffett (Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner). Horace Mann 435, Wednesday October 27, 7:15-9:15pm.

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Education and the Rigorous Tying Up of Milk  ☆

It always surprises me when people seem to get away with the argument that we need better education in order to maintain our national primacy. Tired nationalism keeps on kicking. And yet, isn't it interesting how compelling it is in its apparent simplicity? Even as we become sensitive to the atrocities of Empire, the notion …

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The Multicultural School (2 of 3) 

Here's the follow up to the previous post. No sign of (3 of 3) yet...

Reposted from After Ed TV. Written by After Ed Team.

Architect Laura Cavaliere and designer Megan Bove work with art teacher Lyn Freeman and her students at the Multicultural School to redesign their classroom.

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The Open Architecture Challenge (1 of 3) 

Here's an interesting video by the After Ed TV team. It's interesting to listen to the language being used. I wonder, also about the overall strategy of insertion. That is, the idea of a competition as being the wedge that allows this work and exploration to happen both within architecture firms and schools. Is there …

Reposted from After Ed TV. Written by After Ed Team.

Designers start the competition with a visit to their classrooms and consider better classroom design.

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Diane Ravitch 

I've recently discovered that the After Ed blog has a short video of Diane Ravitch discussing her latest book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System. (See below.) It's worth taking a look. Not because of the content, which is much better served by reading the book, but as an exercise in …

Reposted from After Ed TV. Written by After Ed Team.

Education historian, Diane Ravitch, gives an overview of her book, "The Death and Life of the Great American School System."

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Dome Schools 

Aside from the architectural reasons, it would be interesting to see how this plays out pedagogically...

Reposted from why.not. Written by jmezei.

The first monolithic dome built as a school was based in Emmett, Idaho in 1987. When I was recently at home in Toronto, I picked up a metro paper and foundthis article that featured domes as efficient models for schools. The dome is such an efficient shape having lower surface area, and less building …

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