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Splitting Skulls

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Bug Typewriter, Naked Lunch 

On writing effects, desire, and disgust, by William S. Burroughs. Perhaps not surprisingly, the typewriter scene works nicely in bootleg Russian. Even as we appear, cinematically, to be moving past its proper time (and its own mode of time, tapping and return), it seems not at all answered—this question of what we are doing when we type. I …

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Automating the User 

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Aesthetics of Precession, Precession of Aesthetics 

Are we looking at technology? Or are we looking at what technology shows us? Or doubled, even, through another apparatus? Or tripled, presented as an illustrated schematic? Looking at ourselves looking at technology through technology for what it can show us. About ourselves? Welcome to Aestech.

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Precession and the Dolphin 

Buckminster Fuller demonstrates a precessional effect. Critical Path, 1981.   Precession, simply put, is a force that is generated as a side effect of another force, orthogonal to it. A stone dropped in water creates ripples. A tensegrity structure, squashed or pulled, will bow out or squeeze in at the free sides. A spun bike …

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The Physical Plant 

For those interested in the space of education it might be worth keeping an eye on the Buildings & Grounds blog at The Chronical of Higher Education.

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