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Splitting Skulls

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A is for Education 

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New Article: The Emperor’s New Toes–Fashioning the Modern Stance 

I have an "article" in the latest edition—on fashion—of the interdisciplinary journal Ecogradients. It's on shoes. And the big toe. And Modernity. You can read it here...

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“Splitting Skulls and Poking Holes: 
Education & the Perforated Interior” 

The latest edition of the online interdisciplinary journal Ecogradient is now live, and features an article by yours truly wherein I talk about black holes and other stuff. This issue is also host to two series of some of my photographic explorations. Check it out...

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The Grid: A Brief History 

Here's a short essay I wrote a while back, for a workshop I did for movement educators, on how grids shape our experience, and why that might not be the only alternative. The idea was to show the grid as emergent within a cultural context, rather than being a pre-given frame for understanding movement. So …

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A Flower in the Grim City 

OK, so I googled myself. But it was over breakfast, so maybe it's not so bad. I mean, it was down time. Google introduced me to an essay I had written a few years ago, and which made for a nice read to go with my coffee. Turns out, with this whole "internet" thing, the …

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